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Feature Stories

This page contains published fact-based articles that aims at shedding light on relevant aspects of our energy sources - both positive and negative. The goal is a constructive debate that is based on the recognition that we have a climate challenge that we have to do something about, and where we seek to solve this challenge by relating to the totality.

The articles are written by, or with, Jonny Hesthammer, former geology and geophysics professor and currently CEO of M Vest Energy. Not everyone will agree with everything that is written, but the content will hopefully form the basis for reflection and factual discussion - and where there is agreement on the ultimate goal: zero emissions with the least possible negative impact for the planet and human beings.

Please note that numbers for "cost" and "not in operation" (an indication of stability) has been updated on the calculator and footprint page with the latest information available. However, the articles and associated figures still reflect 2018 numbers.