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Glex Energy

On this page you will find tools that shed light on aspects related to energy consumption and energy sources. The aim is to better understand the totality, which requires focus not only on climate, but also on health, economy, nature and the environment. The goal is to provide the user with relevant information that provides just such a comprehensive overview. It is not a goal that those who use the tools agree with everything, but that the debate changes focus from opinion-based to fact-based. We believe this is fundamental in order to be able to mitigate the climate challenges while meeting the sustainability goals.

Energy Calculator (PC/Mac)

Glex Energy Calculator

The energy calculator gives the user a quick overview of current energy consumption, with the opportunity to create their own future energy mix, and see what the Climate Panel and the International Energy Agency's median values ​​show for 2050 and 2070 in order to reach the 1.5 and 2 degree goal. At the same time the calculator shows what the energy mix means in light of eight measurable parameters. This includes CO2 emissions, land and material use, electricity prices, mortality, use of critical metals, waste, and the share of the various energy sources in the current energy mix.

Footprint (Mobile/PC/Mac)

Energy Footprint

All energy sources have advantages and disadvantages. This interactive graph gives the user an overview of these in light of measurable parameters. As a starting point, the parameters are equally weighted, but the user can choose how important the individual parameter is for him or her. The end result is a visual overview of the negative impact on the various energy sources. However, there are some parameters that are not included, as they are not measurable. These include visual pollution, fear of future consequences of incorrect handling of waste, the value of untouched nature, and the danger of extinction of endangered animal and plant species. Here, the user must form an opinion about how important these aspects are.